Tyga Opens Up & Speaks on Controversial Album Cover ‘Kyoto’

Photo: rapper tyga

Photo: rapper tyga

Let’s not act as if Tyga wasn’t an artist we all bopped to for some summers.

It seems like the hit maker that gave us “Rack City”, “Dope” is making a comeback. Not to mention his collaboration album with Chris Brown. Creating singles such as “Ayo”, that was everyone’s go to jam at the parties.

Tyga has been throughout the media for sometime now and plan on giving us a taste of what he’s been going through. The latest high-profile relationship the rapper has had was with Kylie Jenner. Who he dated for years before they split summer of 2017.

The album Kyoto album cover got quite the reaction on social media as he debuted it on his Instagram account. It features a woman with black hair with claw nails. As she appears “face down and bottom up” with a tail thats wrapped around her body in tiger stripes, nude. The artwork doesn’t bother Tyga at all, as he sees it as art.

He dished on how he has gained the confidence to release this type of album. He thanks his fans for the unconditional support and love thats inspired him through the ups and downs. Tyga recalls not being able to express his emotions to make this album possible.

As we finally get to hear the project Kyoto on February 16, he also kicks off the Kyoto Tour. The tour kicks off February 21 in Hamburg, through March 3, closing in Manchester. We’re glad to see Tyga back and on the grind. We also anticipate Tyga’s Kyoto album so we can of course hear new material, but also a different side of Tyga we’ve yet to see.

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