Azealia Banks Speaks on “Hollywood Feminism”

Photo: Singer Azealia Banks

Photo: Singer Azealia Banks

Last nights awards show at the Grammys were in favor of Bruno Mars, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd and Childish Gambino, but who to say they didn’t deserve those awards?

There seems to be an issue with some “Hollywood Feminist” white women who attended the show, according to “212” and “The Big Big Beat” singer, Azealia Banks. She took on Instagram to dish her thoughts on how different this years award show were from previous award shows.

“All the white female artist are crying about underrepresentation”

Ms. Banks sparked a debate as to why it was a problem, now that it wasn’t the typical wining pattern?

“Will say absolutely nothing about the other races of women who continually get left out”

Azealia is known for her off and on feuds with celebrity artist and leaving folks salty. This time, everyone is standing behind her and the point she stamped to make. What are your thoughts on this years Grammy nominations and winners?

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