Thursday, 18 January 2018

Oba Rowland & Reg2G – “No Way” Official Music Video

Oba Rowland and Reg2G, takes over in their all new music video “No Way“. The Detroit natives, come together for this street banger to drop some unforgettable bars. “I got new money n*gga who this/I will pop you in your tulips“, as Rowland dishes out in the intro.

The music video was produced and shot by JayShotIt in downtown Detroit, where the two have made a mark on the music scene. Reg2G taps into the reality side of things, spitting the importance of looking out for each other in this day of time. “I’m so sick of the pump faking and lies/N***as snitching on they mans then they think the s**t fine/It’s bad enough we already got the cops taking our lives“.

Catch the two rolling in the streets of Detroit, in their latest collaboration, “No Way“. This comes in the wake of Reg2G’s latest EP Pull Up Season and Oba Rowland’s Forever Petty curated playlist, that is available on iTunes right now.

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