Thursday, 18 January 2018

Rihanna Spends Time with Family on Mothers Day

Rihanna & Mother
Rihanna & Mother

Rihanna is all about family. She’s one to love her family very much and doesn’t hide or act any different around them, despite the fame.

The lovable daughter, spent time with her family in Malibu. A family gathering of all women, the “Diamonds” singer was photo’d having a great time celebrating Mothers Day. Rihanna mom wore a green summery dress, while Rihanna was spotted in black and white polka dots.

With a meal that can fill a belly within minutes, Rih and her group of gals enjoyed mother natures nice weather and sat down on a blanket to have some simple quality time. The ladies were also pictured with a gift box, including her cousin who arrived with a belly full, that’s going to turn her into a mother herself. Check out the photos below of Rihanna and her family who smiled the day away.

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