Thursday, 27 April 2017

YG’s Mother Reads Uncut Lyrics of “Toot It & Boot It” on Television

Rapper YG
Rapper YG

One of the hottest rappers out right now, YG has many club hits for the streets. But does his mother know what lyrics makes those songs a hit record? Jimmy Kimmel invited YG’s mom on the show and had her read lyrics to YG’s 2010 record, “Toot It & Boot It” that features Ty Dolla Sign.

I met her in the club
then I said wassup
I took her to the crib
and you know I fucked
yeah I toot it and boot it
toot it and boot it
toot it and boot it
thats why I toot and boot it

After Mama YG read the lyrics she released her humor and smile, saying “That’s YG, my Tooter and Booter“. Good thing they didn’t select the song “My Hitta“.

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