Tips for Going Natural & Celebrities That are Pro-Natural

Layuren Hill

Layuren Hill

It’s time to get personal. I have only been natural for soon to be 2 years so I am no professional on going natural but then again, no one is. When going natural you will know your hair better than anyone. 

I am officially all natural in my book this year of April, as I cut all my hair damage and thinning ends. People said it was a bad idea to cut my hair. “Don’t cut your hair!”, they’ll say. I wanted the confidence to be able to walk around with a head full of curls and no straight damaged ends. I never had a perm but still had heat damage ends which when styling became a big inconvenience.

Here are some small tips:

1. Be happy with your short hair. Once you have either trimmed your hair monthly while transitioning or did the big chop rock your hair you are beautiful with or without it. IT WILL GROW BACK ITS HAIR.

2. Put you hair on a regular wash cycle. Once a week set a Wash Day. With natural hair it should be a whole day with nothing to do because it takes all day to do when you first go natural.

3. Moisture! African American hair can be a strong and fragile hair type. Our hair craves moisture. And what moisture the human body more than anything? WATER! Products with water listed first or water can be the moisture.

4. Shampoo or Co-wash. In the natural community, sulfates are the enemy. Sulfates can strip the hair from the moisture and nutrition from your hair. Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) can safely clean all the products from your without damaging. A good ACV recipe rinse is 1/3 ACV and 2/3 Water. There are natural sulfate free shampoos from all types of brands to try. Remember you know best for you. Co-wash is nothing but changing from shampoo and conditioner to just washing with conditioner.

5. Conditioner (Leave in or Wash out). After shampooing it always best it add the moisture back to your hair. Always remember you hair craves moisture. When picking a conditioner it’s your choice for your hair.

6. Styling Gels. Eco Styler Gel, Homemade Flax Seed Gel, or any gels as long as it holds your styles.

7. Random Tips. If your hair isn’t soft smooth and healthy try something new. DON’T BECOME A PRODUCT JUNKY. What does that mean? It mean don’t go buying up the stores trying all the products. Finger Detangle or Use styling tools.


We are not alone as African American women with big curly hair. There are several celebrities that have got looked down among and disrespected for loving their hair and the way they grow it out of their scalp . I see these women as my idols. In my opinion they inspire me to continue with my journey. Be Inspired.

That includes: Mary J. BligeBrandyDiana & Tracy RossErykah BaduLauryn HillJill Scott and Toni Braxton.

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