Thursday, 27 April 2017

Eminem & Rihanna’s “The Monster” Video Concept Explained

Eminem & Rihanna in "Monster"
Eminem & Rihanna in “Monster”

The Monster” concept is out the bag. Eminem‘s music video that features Rihanna has millions of views on YouTube. Majority may have came from one person that repeated the video over and over again. With a video treatment Em had, it was no doubt that you’d have to do a few rewinds because it was mind blowing.

The story-telling music video gets explained from start to finish over a voicemail. A voicemail that was suppose to be a phone call conversation. The entire three minutes of the voicemail, the video treatment goes into detail and takes a trip into Eminem’s life. Rihanna flew out to Detroit, to join the 8 Mile rapper, as he takes an elevator to the next level in life. Check out behind the scenes of “The Monster“.

The two will appear on stage together this summer. As they hit a city near you for The Monster Tour.

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