Big Sean Detroit Jersey Collection

Big Sean detroit 2
Big Sean is one to give bigups to Detroit. Going hard for the city like many other artist such as Kid Rock and Eminem, he’s been a huge impact on the city since his big break.

The 26-year-old now has his own clothing collection Aura Gold and sold millions of singles and albums worldwide. Whenever you think Detroit, you think Big Sean. In 2012, he released a whole mixtape dedicated to the city, entitled ‘Detroit‘. Including artist such as Snoop Dogg, Young Jeezy and Common on the mixtape who shared their experience in Detroit for more than two minutes.

In almost every song, you can’t doubt that you’d hear Detroit in there somewhere from the Finally Famous king. And when he’s not in the studio making music, he’s traveling around the world. When he’s traveling the world, Big Sean doesn’t forget his Detroit attire. From hats to jerserys. He’s always “D” town reppin. Here’s a gallery portion of Big Sean’s Detroit Jersey collection.

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