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Reasons Why Future Should Officially Release “Good Morning”

reasons-why-future-should-officially-release-good-morningFuture debuted his track “Good Morning” during SWXSW in Texas. He has never released or performed “Good Morning“, ever. And says, he probably won’t ever perform it again. We’re thinking negative.

Before starting the track for a standing crowd on a hot sunny day, Future announced that he and producer/artist Detail worked on this song the same time as Beyonce‘s “Drunk in Love“. “Drunk in Love” overshadowed “Good Morning“, then “Drunk in Love” took flight. If you’re questioning Future’s and Detail credibility, just listen to GM. They sound exactly alike. Only a guy version for the streets. There’s no way Future should let this hit slip away if he knows what’s good for him (which he does).

This takes us back when Juicy J released “Bands A Make Her Dance” for the guys and Rihanna releasing “Pour it Up” for the ladies. They both became an anthem that stuck in our heads forever. I think it’s time for another battle of the sexes club banger anthem movement, right?

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