Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Cool Mom Alert: Ciara Does Moonwalk While Pregnant

What happens when you’re a professional pregnant dancer that loves MJ? You bust a move of course! Ciara couldn’t help herself when she Instagram’d a video of her and a belly full doing Michael Jackson‘s signature moonwalk. The “I’m Out” singer recently revealed that she will also continue doing one of her very own signature moves forever.

As she posted a throwback 12 second footage of “Like a Boy” where she does the ‘matrix’, she stated:

One Of My Ultimate Favorite Videos I’ve Ever Done. #LikeABoyVideo. Me @jamaicacraft @dianemartel. #LethalCombo. #NoEffects. People always say, will she do a new move when I do this in my show, but I figure if Michael Jackson can kick his leg 15 times throughout his show, do the moonwalk every show. Why can’t I keep doing #TheCiaraMatrix:) On That Note, I’ll keep doing it, and reinventing it every time:) TBT. XO

We cannot deny that Ciara’s unborn baby may be one heck of a dancer, thanks to Mama CiCi.

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