Monday, 18 December 2017

Beyoncé Fans Get Fooled in Concert Ticket Scam Worth $45,000

Beyoncé, photo courtesy of Beyoncé tumblr
Beyoncé, photo courtesy of Beyoncé tumblr

You purchase tickets to a Beyoncé concert, and arrive to the venue with a smile, only to find out your ticket is not real.

If you’re located in the United Kingdom, you’ll want to watch out for ticket scams. reports, “Police in the U.K. have launched an investigation into a batch of fake tickets for Beyonce’s shows in Manchester, England this month amid fears almost $45,000 was fleeced from her fans.” They also believe that 140 of those tickets valued at $160. Most were sold for $300.

Here are few tips on purchasing tickets for a concert that you can go by: 1. Do not pay for tickets from someone on the street. 2. Do not land on a random website you’re not familiar with to purchase tickets. 3. Always go on the artist website for the direct link or source of buying your tickets.

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