Sunday, 17 December 2017

August Alsina ft. Jeezy – “Make It Home” Music Video

August Alsina in "Make It Home"
August Alsina in “Make It Home”

Young Jeezy joins August Alsina in “Make It Home“. The New Orleans raised singer, hopes to make it home without any trouble. If all goes bad, he’s left a message behind for his love ones. Alsina sings, “But if I don’t make it home tonight/Tell my mama that I love her/Leave some flowers for my brother” A brother whom he lost to gun violence. He continues, “Girl I love ya/But if I don’t make it home tonight/Take some money to my sister“.

Growing up for August Alsina wasn’t easy. He spills his feelings and passion on the outlook of his life on this Featherstones produced record, along with others on his debut album Testimony.

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