Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Yves Saint Laurent Fall & Winter 2014 Collection

YSL 2014, photos courtesy of Vogue Paris
YSL 2014, photos courtesy of Vogue Paris

Hedi Slimane showcased her vintage creativity throughout the runways of Paris as the Fall/Winter collection of Saint Laurent was showcased grasping an appeal from the rock n’ roll era of the 50s.

Over the last half decade of seasons she has revamped the look of YSL bringing a classic yet trendy feel that will always be a circuit in fashion.

Bridging the trends of “then & now”, while not over exaggerating the mass concept of originality, Hedi has been successful in maintaining a steady pace to keep Saint Laurent relevant.

This upcoming season host a variety of tailored looks including slim fitting casualties, such as ties and slacks, trench coats and vest all reminiscent of the half century mark in the 1900s.

Majestic blazers, wool coats, and biker jackets containing brief additions of animal prints were defining pieces in the presentation of the collection as well. This season channels a moderate view of audacious confidence.

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