Thursday, 18 January 2018

Artist Hype: Bobby Biz

Flight '92
Flight ’92

With only one mixtape, this young MC out of Columbus, Ohio is making buzz on the east coast. Bobby Biz is killing the scene all around Columbus with his growing exposure. A friend sent his information and mixtape and asked us to check it out and so we did.

Flight 92 is on a flight of its own with bangers such as “I’m in love with you”, “Since Day 1” and “Voices” just to name a few. Bobby Biz is constantly compared to the Dipset movement that New York rapper Cam’ron, Jim Jones, and Julez Santana created in the early 2000s. Watch out for Biz as he’s not stopping at anything! Check out his mixtape, Flight 92 below to check out his singles.

Instagram: @Bobby_Biz11

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