Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy Fall/Winter Collection & Branches with Nike

Givenchy Fall/Winter Collection, photo courtesy of

Givenchy Fall/Winter Collection, photo courtesy of

Givenchy’s most recent creative director Riccardo Tisci seems to be on the straight and narrow for yet another monumental year. Only a week ago, Nike and Tisci announced the official upcoming shoe collaboration after Riccardo appeared on Instagram with a tease advertising him in a Nike RT ensemble. Suggesting that there may also be a limited edition apparel series to compliment the sneaker.

While it has not been unveiled, there are definitely speculations to expect the unexpected knowing the gothic motifs Tisci provoked through his recent works with Givenchy. However as Riccardo told, “It’s strong without being loud”, as he describes the forthcoming project. This collaboration may be anything but predictable.

Following that announcement, Givenchy has unleashed its new Fall/Winter 2014 collection at Paris fashion week in a timely manner. Riccardo Tisci continues to innovate the game, taking balling to a whole other level.

Key pieces included shirts made of net material. You’ll see jersey like sweaters in a tank top cut. A blend of black leather embodying brown and orange basketball projections. Last but not least button-ups and bomber jackets featuring the encryptions found on the court and throughout the mold of a basketball quite literally. Cufflinks featured sweatband replications and the pants featured leather profoundly matching the tops paired with them. Riccardo has definitely stuck to the game plan on his journey to reinvent the veteran brand over at Givenchy.

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