Thursday, 25 May 2017

Hood By Air 2014

Hood By Air
Hood By Air

The Hood By Air cult coordinated by Shayne Oliver has created a unique mesh between goth and street wear. Following the collaboration with Been Trill this past year, thinking out side of the box obviously is the least difficult task on the HBA to-do-list. Some may have expected the line to be a typical tee-shirt line but as the fashion world was familiarized with the brand through its support from celebrities such as DrakeKanye West & The A$AP Mob, Shayne Oliver has proven that that definitely is not the case.

The Hood By Air 2014 Collection includes a variation of button ups that feature its bold branding HBA logo and a lucrative amount of stamps and patches can be recognized on a majority of the motifs pushing its agenda to stand out from the rest. The introduction of the Hood By Air brand was nothing short of unexpected and shows no signs of shying away from their audacious trends.

You can only say so much about The HBA collection without reiterating how abnormal the sense of style is. High end fashion is at a peak of evolution in this day and age, making it rather easy for Shayne Oliver to continue to push his innovations. The brand can be found in stores such as Revive (Michigan), Wish (ATL) , the RSVP gallery (Chicago) & Barneys (New York).

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