Thursday, 25 May 2017

Ciara & Future Brings 2014 in at Bora Bora

Ciara and Future, photos courtesy of Instagram
Ciara and Future, photos courtesy of Instagram

Hip-Hop’s powercouple Future and Ciara came into the new year outside the country. The two have been spending time on an island in Bora Bora. Before the countdown of the new year, Ciara Instagramed a message that speaks on her happiness.

As i sit back and reflect, I think WOW, what a year this has been. On many levels, Personally, and Professionally. What a difference a year can make!” Ciara met Future in 2012 and rumors spiralled in January of 2013.

She continues, “I can honestly say this has to be the happiest years of my LIFE. I put emphasis on the word “Life” because after 10 Years plus of doing this, I am more clear than ever that you have to have Your life in balance in order to have balance in everything else.” says the rumored pregnant songstress. “No matter what goes on or happens, it all comes back to the people in your Life. Your TRUE Family and Friends. I also realize if all I had was this industry, I wouldn’t have nothing.

With the positive mind that Ciara has, more good is sure to come. She’s had a big year with her Top 5 Billboard R&B charted song “Body Party” that Future collaborated with. Ciara and Future is now engaged and will be getting married in the near future.

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