Balenciaga Spring/Summer Collection 2014

Balenciaga Spring-Summer Collection 2014, photos courtesy of Balenciaga

Balenciaga Spring-Summer Collection 2014, photos courtesy of Balenciaga

With the new innovations that Alexander Wang has brought to the Balenciaga fashion house, it’s not yet clear as to what direction he is trying to go.

Following his debut of being appointed as creative director of the collection in 2012, he stayed linked to the previous essentials that trademarked the brand. Ovoid shapes and bland vibrations of color are the pure roots of the designs previously introduced by Cristóbal Balenciaga, but Wang has seemingly began to ease his own trademark of style and taste into the imprint of the brand.

With the uncanny success of bridging the chic style to street wear in today’s generation previous inspirations will more than likely prove to have very little relevance if any. Mr. Alexander Wang is strategically bridging a gap between couture and sport. This season’s collection features a collage of vintage Balenciaga looks featuring molded leather sneakers and purses that have previously existed in the past.

An inclusive line of new travel bags entitled the Phileas collection adds on to the evolving motifs, as well as a mirage of tank tops hand knitted with wool and leather in the gapes. The Balenciaga archives suggest that Japanese key fabrics such as textured cotton and silk seersucker. Including, Japanese shapes such as the robe-like oversize kimono coats which are more rounded are key elements in the line. Many pieces consist of exaggerated proportions, like those of an extra-long, single-button suit jacket, the house’s most challenging menswear proposition in several seasons. It’s safe to say that Alexander Wang is taking full advantage of his position in power to innovate the brand and the fashion world as a whole.

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