Va$htie’s Dumb Late Birthday Party

Vashtie - photo credit:, NuModeMag

Vashtie – photo credit:, NuModeMag

Vashtie shows a good example of how it’s never too late to celebrate your birthday. Even if it is a week late. Which makes it even cooler to call it: Vashtie’s Dumb Late Birthday Party. The music director and fashion lover was so tied up with work that she missed the opportunity to throw a party the weekend of her birthday (April 23).

The forever 16-year-old put together a six hour celebration at Santos Party House in New York with friends and the party goers of NYC. She blogged about her night later, with showers of photos. One including a photo of champagne cupping in the palm of her hands. Vash explains how she was in shocked and gives a whole new meaning of “Pour it Up, Pour it Up, Watch it All Fall Out!“. “While I watched Dee and Ricky pouring it up for people in champagne flutes and I was empty-handed, I thought it would be funny to put my hands out and when they actually poured it in my hands – I had no idea what to do next, hahaha.

With a giant sized customized “Happy Birthday Va$htie” Moet bottle by her side all night, she sparkled in the light with a glittery New York Ranger jersey on.

Artist Theophilus London attended the Dumb Late Party, while Joey Ba$$ and Pro Era performed.

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