Bow Wow Steps Into Reebok Answer 1’s Before Release Date

Bow Wows Gets His Foot Into Reebok Answer Before Release DateBow Wow shoe games is up a notch than the average sneakerhead. He manage to pull off Reebok Answer 1’s two weeks early. The gold and black ones are releasing later this month on May 24th. Bow Wow real name, Shad Moss premiered them on his stationed televised show 106 & Park, May 9th.

There could be a few reasons why Moss got ahold of these Reebok exclusive. A few weeks ago, he Facebook’d about having a meeting with Reebok. “Meeting w/ REEBOK …. I aint confirming nothing. Just letting yall know… Would it be something im interested in doing? UH… HELL YEAH!!!” he stated in a status. Now recently, Rick Ross was dropped from his Reebok endorsement over inappropriate lyrics. You do the math.

Either Bow Wow landed a new home in Reebok, or his sneaker game is iller than we thought. Grab your Reebok Answer Ones May 24.

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