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Artist Hype: J. Nolan

J. Nolan

J. Nolan

Two years ago, an artist name J. Nolan landed in our email. Fast forward to 2013, he’s still one of our favorite unsigned artist we can listen to without any hesitation.

Born in Connecticut, J. Nolan began rapping at an early age of eight. Growing up in the Bay Area, and now residing in Atlanta at age 24. He has made a wise decision of making rap a priority in high school.

If you’re looking for an artist with lyrical content and flow? He’s it. We’d gladly place J. Nolan in the same box as Lupe Fiasco and J. Cole.

With his latest singles “All I Got“, “Blue Skies” and “Fortified MC“, he’ll make you understand why he’s not a disappointment to the new generation of music.

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