Friday, 15 December 2017

Beyonce Writes Thank You Letter to OMG Girlz


Beyonce gives thanks to the popular teen-group the OMG Girlz. Bey was thankful for the OMG Girlz kind words and uplifting comments to her in a video she viewed, stating 7 things that makes Beyonce a “Baddie“.

In Beyonce form, in the hand-written letter she also hopes to see the beautiful ladies soon and note that they were the ones who inspired her to name her instagram ‘BaddieBey‘.

Hey Beautiful Young Ladies,

Thank you so much for the sweet things yall said.
You named my instagram !!FY!!
I’m very proud of you ladies I hope to see you soon Baddie B :):):)

Talk about girl power unity! The OMG Girlz and Beyonce proved that there is plenty of love to spread. From the older generation to the new.

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