Top Moments of 2012 in Music

The year has come to an end, and we hate to say goodbye because we’ve experience some good and bad throughout the year. Here’s a list that’ll refresh your memory about 2012. Take a seat, grab some popcorn. This will be a minute.

Chris Brown and Rihanna:
It’s almost safe to say the year belonged to Pop Stars Chris Brown and Rihanna. The year of forgiveness for the two. After a controversy ride for years, the two has reunited in public. The best thing about it is — Chris and Rih no longer care what anyone else thinks of them. Lifting a weight that was upon their shoulders. But not too fast. Let’s not forget about Karrueche and how their love triangle formed and still stands today. Hey, whatever floats their boat. Earlier this year, we were handed two collaborations from Brown and Rihanna. “Cake (Remix)“, “Turn Up The Music (Remix)” and “Nobody’s Business“.

Kendrick Lamar & ASAP Rocky Movement:
Beware, we have lyrical youngin’s on the move. Compton rapper, Kendrick Lamar and Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky step foot into the mainstream world. Debuting with their top singles: “The Recipe“, “Swimming Pools“, “Peso” and “F*ckin’ Problems” captured an audience with an ear full of true music. Stay tune for these two in 2013, they’ll be here for a minute.

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