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Big Sean Covers XXL Magazine: “It’s deeper than just comin’ up or making money”

Big Sean, Dec/Jan 2013 XXL Issue

One of the top artist of today is now covering the December/January 2013 issue of XXL Magazine. Big Sean swerved his way to the top with numerous hits that can supply one rapper’s career. Not to mention — he’s just getting started.

Appreciating and mesmerized by the hard work Sean Don has put in to reach the top, he reflected his views with his 3.5 million followers on Twitter.

Clique went Platinum this week, Mercy 2x Platinum, I got the biggest show of my Career Saturday in Detroit, Adidas made a show for me now the cover of @XXL?! And I rocked UK! This has honestly been one of the best weeks of my life. I’m almost in tears man. I work so hard I really appreciate anyone reppin #GOOD! Anybody who can relate to that dream and making it happen. I come from a place Where dreams don’t come true… At least we thought so. We’re changing those beliefs around. We make our own reality and I hope you always Remember that Thank u God! #GOOD #FFOE.

Not a bad consistant year. December 1st, Big Sean will be headlining here at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Make sure you purchase your tickets here. #OhGawd.

For now, take a look at Big Sean’s XXL Magazine interview:

“It’s deeper than just comin’ up or making money. We got the potential and opportunities to change the world—and still have fun with it. It’s a responsibility that I feel like I’m willing to take.”

“I took all my experiences from Detroit and incorporated them into who I am today. From partying to inspiration to sharing times about being broke to love to the dope boys, paper chasers. I would see all the players rocking furs and gators. I’ve seen people get killed. I’ve seen people spend crazy money. I’ve seen poor people. I give every aspect of the city in my music. They need somebody to tell that story.

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