Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Brandy is Bran’Nu & Speaks on The Direction of Her New Album & Monica

With the four year gap Brandy has taken off, she’s back with her sixth album “Two Eleven“. She’ll be working with producers such as Bangladesh, Sean Garrett, Rico Love and more. She reflects on the direction of the new album, speaks on the collaboration with Monica Brown and close friend and idol Whitney Houston.

Plans for Two Eleven:

“It’s taken a minute for me to really figure out the type of artist that I am, the type of music that I need to sing to reconnect with my audience. I just know with this album, I wanted it to be as honest and as real as possible,”

“Sometimes, you can get caught up in wanting to make hits and wanting to get on the radio and performing on everything that’s out there. I just wanted to stay true to who I was. That’s why it’s taken me so long to figure out the right home for me to put my music out there with. Other than that, I wanted my album to represent honesty and clarity and struggle and pain, as well as love, with a different sound and a different edge. That’s what this album is.”

It All Belongs to Me” with Monica:

“I was so focused on my project and what I needed to do to get my music back out there, but when an idea like this comes along, this is more than just a song; it’s an event. It’s the reunion of two artists that made history together. It’s bigger than the song itself,”

“Of course I wanted to come out first on my own so I can stand on my own two feet, but who knew that this Monica thing would come along? I couldn’t say no to that. That would be stupid.”


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