Friday, 15 December 2017

OMG Girlz’s Star Sweet 16 Birthday Bash – Diggy Simmons, Justin Combs, Nelly & More

Miss Zonnique, also known as Star is one-third of the OMG Girlz just turned 16 and she had a huge birthday bash in Atlanta. Her parents TI & Tiny threw a celebration for the teen star with their close friends and family.

Celebrities Diggy Simmons, Nelly, Justin Combs was there to show their love for the blue headed princess. She arrived in royalty, plastered in a pink long dress as she was carried to her entrance.

As a gift she was given an all white Porsche truck. Now hows that for a sweet 16 power gift?

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  • asia

    omg girlz star your cute happy to you nice car beauty you also very pretty babydoll your nice it seems like i met you guys before lol pics scream tour beauty i like raymond ray ray so step away please i took pics with him and went places with mb

  • Nyasiahposey


  • shaniyah

    ily omg girls

  • tyekieria alexander

    very cutie the way you did it

    • tyekieria alexander

      love it

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