Monday, 18 December 2017

Rita Ora Talks About Her Awkward Phase, Meeting Jay-Z & “Hot Right Now”

Rita Ora is sizzling herself into the spotlight. Her blazing single “Hot Right Now” proves that she’s on her way and she’s here to stay. Ora spoke with MTVIggy and opened up about her experience hearing her song on the radio with the boss man Jay-Z.

She also goes into detail as a young girl who went to a private school wearing the same backpack for three years. And her awkward days as a teen.

Being starstruck by Jay-Z:

My boss, when I first my boss, Jay Z, was when I was the most starstruck. But it was a very different type of starstruck. He’s a very warming person, he just shook my hand and made me very confortable. He was just like another guy who was like my brother. My palms were sweating when I first met him, though.

After debuting “Party & Bullsh*t” on the radio with Jay-Z:

He was just like “Congratulations kid, your dream is finally happening.”

I used to get frustrated in myself, and he always taught me just be patient. That was the best thing he ever said to me. And I was patient.

It was just weird for me to hear my song on American radio. Because I’m not even from there. It was such a special moment for me, I wish my mom my dad and my sister and everyone was in that room (laughs)!

Having an awkward phase during her teenage years:

From when I was 13 to 16, I felt like the most awkward human being on the planet. My hair was up to my shoulders, I cut my own fringe, I had brown hair. It was a curly fringe.

I went to a theater school, it wasn’t a scholarship school. You had to pay every term for your tuition, so I wasn’t really the most…I wasn’t the richest kid in my class, you know what I mean? My mum and dad had to work really hard to pay off my tuition, which now I realize, and I didn’t at the time. So I was always the one with the same schoolbag for like three years, and people would walk in with Louis Vuitton backpacks. It was a private school, and you’ve got rich kids and stuff.

So I was always the one with my same Nike rucksack, and I felt sometimes like, why couldn’t I have things like that. Sometimes it’s hard to find yourself. But when you do, it’s such a beautiful thing.

Hot Right Now:

“Hot Right” now is basically a drum-and-bass song about being the hottest in the building. It’s kind of very obvious, and I love it.


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