Shooting at Tyga’s Concert, 19-Year-Old Honey Cocaine Shot

A shooting occurred after Tyga‘s concert in Nebraska. Footage online shows Tyga requesting a male in the audience to meet him outside to settle their situation.

The video description suggest that there were garbage cans and bottles thrown onto the stage Tyga was performing on.

Later on that night the Young Money rapper tour van was left with multiple shots, by the possible male in the audience Tyga called out.

Two people were shot. One being Tyga’s 19-year-old female artist Honey Cocaine. She confirmed on Twitter she was doing O.K. early this morning. “I’m ok, we all ok.” She tweeted. Later on she added, “Got shot and I’m not dead. #LoveLifeAndGod“.

Tyga’s has postponed the next show on his Careless World Tour because he’d rather give his fans a show at his best.

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