#RihPac Rihanna Knows She’s Not a Thug After Getting Thug Life Tattoo

You may have been gushing over Rihanna’s latest eight finger tattoo but she knows exactly what she’s doing. Rihanna recently got the words “THUG LIFE” on four fingers of each hand. What motivated Rihanna to do such a dare? Our thoughts would be to give Tupac tribute.

Who’s not a Tupac fan? I mean — Well — OK. Maybe we wouldn’t be so daring to get a tattoo like that but Tupac’s legacy will never be forgotten. Tupac was the first to tattoo “THUG LIFE” on his stomach in 1992. So what’s so thuggish about Rihanna? Her proclaimed rockstar lifestyle. She lives Young, Wild & Free. Word to Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa.

When someone tried to out Rihanna by saying “you’re not a thug, stop it.” She quickly replied with “#DUH shut up b*tch, swallow!!“. Rih Rih then went on to dub herself as “RihPac”, began to tweet Tupac lyrics and watching the First 48, (which is a show based off unsolved murdering).

Even though Rihanna is living her life free as a 23-year-old, there is one question that pops up in many minds. What do Rihanna go from here? Will she become more daring? Or will she tone it down?

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