Thursday, 27 April 2017

Re-Introduced Artist Who Picked Up Success in 2011, Spilling into 2012

Comebacks are usually the re-introduction of someone’s existence. The word “comeback” doesn’t necessary mean someone who have falling off completely from a career disaster. In this case, we honor a few artist who have reappeared with even more greatness by topping off their previous projects.
After T.I. was released from a 11 month sentence, he came back on his feet as if he didn’t leave. Tip immediately went into the studio to record several remixes and new tracks such as “Spend It (Remix)”, “N*ggas in Paris (Remix) and “F.A.M.E.” with Young Jeezy. Now T.I. has his own reality show–or what T.I. would like to call it a “documentary” on VH1. The show is based off his family hustle and lifestyle outside the entertainment life.
Some may have forgot that 2Chainz was apart of the rap duo named Playaz Circle. Their 2007 hit “Duffle Bag Boy” featured Lil’ Wayne. Since then, the group has been taking its hiatus, but Tity Boi, also known as 2Chainz created his own buzz this year and released the street banger “Spend It”. He’s also featured on the radio hit “Oh My (Remix)” with Big Sean and Trey Songz.
Busta Rhymes grabbed the spotlight on Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” with his fast pace verse. Presenting rap skills of murdering a track. Busta have always smashed records with his unique style of rapping, but when you hear that Busta is on someone’s track, you automatically build anticipation to fast forward the song just to hear his rhymes. Rhymes recently inked a deal with Lil’ Wayne’s label Young Money and now he’s one member added to the YMCMB team.
Miss Queen of Hip-hop & Soul, Mary J. Blige has a catalog of hits for days. She recently released her 10th studio album, “My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act 1)” last month. The album is a continuous part two of the very successful; 1994 classical album “My Life”. Blige and Diddy (known as “Puffy” at the time) collaborated behind the scenes throughout that album. In the introduction track of My Life II, Mary and Diddy have a brief discussion of giving part two the green light. Diddy pointed out the obvious of “My Life” being one of a kind. He stated, “My life one is a classic, so if you’re gonna do it. You have to come with it,”. Mary released and came back with the promised R&B sound with features by Busta Rhymes, Drake, Beyonce and many more. One of the fans favorite from the album is “25-8”.
Beyonce’s last album, “I Am…” released in 2008. With a three year gap, she peaked high anticipation for the next album, which happens to be “4”. When recording her fourth solo album, she desired to record many tunes that weren’t commonly heard on the radio. Mixing every genre in one batch. She clarified, “It’s not R&B, it’s not typically pop, it’s not rock – it’s just everything I love mixed together”. Tracks like “End of Time” and “Countdown” are just a few that gives you that outcome.
Roscoe Dash have come a long way from “Turnt Up”. Many thought he would be a one hit wonder who would disappear forever, but that seems to be the opposite. You can almost call Roscoe Dash the 2011 “T-Pain”. When you need a catchy voice to deliver the perfect party record, then you should give Roscoe Dash a call. He’s been on Big Sean’s “Marvin Gaye & Chardoonay”, Maino’s “Let It Fly”, DJ Drama’s “Oh My” and the unforgettable “No Hands”. Dash used his turnt up energy and created his own party anthem “Good Good Night”, which will be on his new EP “J.U.I.C.E.”.

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