Wednesday, 17 January 2018

It’s HIS Twitter, Chris Brown Addresses His Twitter Deleting Habit

Chris Brown is fed up with Twitter party poopers. He addressed the haters and phonies on his Twitter account, Thursday night. “If I wanna delete my tweets! It’s really my f*cking biz! U have ur twitter and I’ve got mine! Get all the way off my d*ck!” he stated as the first tweet.

Brown has a history of deleting certain tweets from his account. Fans and followers would always question Chris’s motive of deleting harmless tweets moments later. He continued, “When u consume yourself around others lives too much, u won’t have a brain and life of ur own! #weirdisthenewnormal! All these other artist are so worried about their image!!! F*ck that!! I’m ME.. If u don’t like it!! Don’t buy my sh*t!

He then pointed out that several people have went behind his back and talked down on him. “Lol! At one point people(even friends) talked sh*t about me and cancelled me out! Now everybody is buddy buddy! How would u react? EXACTLY!!

After blasting a series of Tweets, he concluded the fact that he’s not upset and plugged in his new upcoming album, Fortune. “Not upset! Just the definition of a real n*gga! While all y’all sitting on the edge of ur seats waiting for me to explode.. I’d like to add that my new album FORTUNE is coming real soon!

Whether it’s good or bad, Chris Brown have always gave us entertainment in the Twitter world. Remember the cyber altercation between Odd Future and Raz B?

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