Monday, 18 December 2017

Soulja Boy Arrested, Releases New ‘Soulja Boy’ Movie

Soulja Boy is making headlines for the good and bad. Just hours after releasing a new movie in stores, the 21-year-old rapper, who’s real name is DeAndre Way was stopped by a police officer with four different men for traffic violation.

And that’s not all — in the process of searching the vehicle, the cops found a large amount of marijuana and guns inside the car. There’s no word on whether the guns are licensed or not. $70,000 was also discovered in the car in Temple, Georgia. Soulja Boy is now being held at Carrol County Jail.

Before Soulja was arrested, he was roughly promoting his new product “Soulja Boy The Movie” that hit stores at midnight. “SOULJA BOY THE MOVIE EVERYWHERE NOW IN THE UNITED STATES EVERY CITY EVERY STATE AHHHHH F*CK” he Tweeted. The movie was directed by Peter Spirer and is presented by Sony Pictures.


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