T.I. Sets The Record Straight About ‘Checkin’ Diddy at Club Compound

Witnesses says T.I. put Diddy in check, while T.I. says he put himself in check. Diddy and T.I. were apart of an after party for this years 2011 BET’s Hip-Hop Awards at Compound in Atlanta.

Diddy had a few words to say to the crowd as he stood on top of the stage, yelling about Ciroc. Unfortunately, not all people love Ciroc. One of the many party goers in the crowd put Diddy in competition as they supported another alcohol beverage, Grey Goose.

In the video shows Diddy, being amped up to a male in front of him, while T.I. is on his right. T.I. who was just released from a halfway house last week, didn’t like the atmosphere of the energy that was giving off so he grabbed the mic to announced his thoughts. “Ay I don’t give a f*ck about what’s going on in this motherf*cka. But I’ma tell you like this, you will not f*ck my home meal up for nothing in this motherf*cka “, He said. “I’ll get the f*ck on up out this b*tch and let y’all have it. God damnit, I done enough time [in prison].

As the video made it’s way around the internet, more people poured more fuel to the fire of T.I. setting Diddy straight. Which led radio host, Mami Chula of Wild 105.7 & 96.7 to ask T.I. to set the record straight about what happened in Compound.

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