Former Destiny Child’s Member LaTavia Talks Beyonce, Kelly & Mathew Knowles

After many years that has gone by, one of the original Destiny Child‘s singer LaTavia discuss life growing up as a “Destiny Child”. She reveals the lows of preparing for stardom with manager Mathew Knowles. “We worked really hard. It was ­rehearse, rehearse, ­rehearse. It would be the four of us and he was like a drill sergeant. When summertime came he would start a camp at his house in Houston.

“He would make us wake up early in the ­morning and take us to Herman Park. There was a three-and-a-half mile track and we would sing while we jogged around it. Then we would go to the house and ­rehearse.

“That’s what our days consisted of, seven days a week. Looking back, working that hard did cost us our childhood. But at the time we were just focused on living out our dreams.”

Overtime in rehearsing may have cost LaTavia and LeToya Luckett their dream at the time. The two were fed up with being treated like they were in an army, so they wrote a letter — that changed their life. “My one regret is that I should have spoken to Beyonce and Kelly before I sent the letter,” says LaTavia. “That is the one thing I would have done different. I would have gone to my sisters and discussed it with them. After that, we didn’t speak for many years.”

Even though LaTavia were kicked out the group in ’98 and discovered it by seeing DC’s video “Say My Name” with newer members; she still speak with most of the group members. “I spoke to Kelly last year and I asked her, ‘Do you understand why we did what we did?’ She said, ‘Oh gosh, yes’. And that was enough for me. “I am convinced that if it was not for Matthew Knowles we would still be ­together as a band.” But she says: “We’ll always be sisters. Nothing can take that away from us.”

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