Friday, 15 December 2017

B.o.B. Gets Away with a $1,060 Tab at Restaurant

B.o.B. also known as Bobby Ray got off lucky at a Level B. According to a waitress who served B.o.B. and his entourage, Anthony Vipond says B.o.B. left the restaurant refusing to pay a $1,060 tab.

Before Vipond explained that things go differently at Level B to Bobby’s manager, he announced that he was doing them a favor. “We’re doing you a favor for not charging you … When we go to clubs, we get paid to come,” the manager stated.

Another employee of B.o.B’s team spoke up and denied being asked to pay for the three $300 bottles of Grey Goose Vodka that they were charged. TJ Chapman claimed, “None of us had any idea at the time that they did not expect to pay for anything,” Weiss said. “We got no requests for anything in advance from B.O.B.s group, but a reserved table and to skip the line outside.

After all the chaos. B.o.B. doesn’t have to worry about Level B as much. The restaurant doesn’t plan on taking legal action towards the one stack bill.

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