Ginuwine Remembers Aaliyah on BET’s “Aaliyah: One in a Million” Special

The state of R&B in the mid 90’s — where she stood was second to none. She was pretty much the top female. She had the great production from Timbaland, and it was a new sound, so everybody had to pay attention. So that was something that was,  wow — that was just a time that I would love to go back to, because everything was just all about us — and you know, it was all about Aaliyah.

With the songs like ‘One in a Million‘, and “If You’re Girl Only Knew” and all those songs, it just set her apart from everybody in the 90s because we had a crew, the Super Friends and we came at a great time and I think we came at a time where music needed a joke, needed a different direction in the quality or the sound that Timbaland had, along with the artist that he had — Aaliyah, Missy, myself, Playa, Magoo and a couple of others.

We just came up at the right time and Aaliyah, she was right at the forth front. We were all behind her. It was all about her first. I think she pushed his music, and pushed other artist so no one could duplicate it. And still til this day there has been no one who could duplicate her.

Audio: Ginuwine Remembers Aaliyah on BET’s “Aaliyah: One in a Million” Special
“Aaliyah: One in a Million” Special airs tonight at 8 PM EST on BET

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