Sunday, 17 December 2017

Sean Kingston Talks Recovery From Jetski Accident & Kanye West

Sean Kingston was recently released from the hospital after having a “death or life” jetski accident in Miami. Kingston says he has a story to tell now and recovering has helped him write better. “I haven’t lost no memory; I think I’m even better at writing and stuff. Being in the hospital, having all this time off, I’ve been writing and coming up with different ideas. I’m ready to go.”

The “Beautiful Girl” singer explained the jetski incident being deeper than what people thought. “A lot of people don’t know it was a deeper situation. I had open heart surgery and I had two other surgeries; it was a life-or-death situation.” He said. He recalls being sent back to the hospital after feeling a pain in his chest. It turned out to be blood inside of his chest and his aorta tore. After going through a few scans and released from the hospital, Sean says he is doing fine now.

Throughout the years, he had many hits such as “Fire Burning”, “Take You There”, and “Beautiful Girls”. The last two song were produced by J.R., in which Sean says he will continue to work with in the future. “I’m going back in with my producer J.R., who did really big records for me. I’m going back to the whole reggae, island-pop thing. I’m going back to my roots.”

New music by Sean Kingston will be something to look forward to. One of the confirmed concept tracks will be about his latest recovery. The situation is similar to Kanye West car accident back in 2002. Kingston says he is looking forward to Jay-Z and Kanye’s new album, “The Throne“. He tweeted what some of his peers were describing it. “Just Heard From Couple Friends That The Jay-z And Kanye Album is Stupid SICCCK!!! Cant Wait Till It Drop Im Excited#FANOFREALMUSIC“.

He also wouldn’t mind working with Ye, “I met him twice, and he’s a great person. He’s definitely talented. I’m actually waiting for him and the Jay-Z album to drop. I’d be more than excited to collaborate with him.”

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