Thursday, 14 December 2017

2Pac Covers XXL Magazine

Tupac covers the September issue of XXL. Inside the issue includes interviews from his biological father, The Outlawz his ex-wife Keisha Morris, first manager and Mutulu Shakur.


XXL also spoke with ’Pac’s group, the Outlawz, dug into the tragic passing of one of Pac’s favorite producers Johnny J. and investigated the real story behind ’Pac’s Quad studio shooting recently brought to light with the confession of ex-Jimmy Henchman associate, Dexter Issac, to the robbery and shooting of Tupac in 1994. And finally, 62 rappers remember ’Pac and speak on his impact and legacy.

XXL also talked to Tupac’s first manager and one-time roommate and mentor, Leila Steinberg, who gave insight into the special nature of her superstar client and their close relationship. There’s also an interview with Mutulu Shakur, ’Pac’s stepfather who helped raise the MC until the age of 11 and checks in from behind bars to celebrate ’Pac’s legacy.

Get the classic cover of Tupac on XXL’s cover when it goes on shelves August 16.

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