50 Cent Fires Back at Bill O’Reilly’s Comment

50 Cent responds back to Bill O’Reilly for the comments of him on his show with Laura Ingraham. It all started when FOX News suggested Chris Brown was getting a reward for beating the Today Show record of 20,000 fans standing outside. Fox went out their way to walk the New York streets to ask Chris Brown fan’s if they remember and forgive Chris for his actions back in 2009. Brown went on Twitter to respond to the slander and so did 50 Cent. Laura Ingraham and Bill O’Reilly seem to not like the responses that was provided, so both went on the O’Reilly Factor to give their opinion, once again.

50 Cent got ahold of the footage and sent out the following statement, via Twitter.

“People are so book smart its amazing they don’t have common sense. Bill o reilly’s views are representation of some one’s grand fathers. I don’t mean thIs in a disrespectful way but there is a huge age difference between him and the average hip hop consumer #SK. Anyway thanks for the invite to your show old billy bobb when we become powerful enough to change the world in conversation Ill stop by lol. Now I’m gonna offer a definition of a B*TCH bill O’ reilly can understand in 2004 when andrea mackris accused you of sexual harassment. If it wasn’t representation of your lust and you didn’t do anything wrong. You encountered a (B*TCH) LMAO. Why stop by the news my tweets are national news. I get world wide coverage from my cell phone SUCKER oh I’m sorry I used the S word LMAO.

Laura ingrahams I had know idea who you were on fox news after a little research. I’m impressed you seem to be very smart there no reason a good women like you isn’t married. I want to date you. Laura listen baby I don’t know if this helps me in any way but between me and you. Iv been rumored to be pretty well endowed. Lol. On second thought after reading your anti homosexual I should call GLAD on your ASS Lol.


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