Thursday, 18 January 2018

Swizz Beatz Presents Reebok Lite Footwear

Swizz Beatz held a party last night in New York in celebration of his new campaign, “Reethym of Lite“. There were stars glour such as Diddy, Lloyd Banks, and wife Alicia Keys to support the new footwear and Reebok collection. Swizz speaks on how he feels the new generation of Reebok is like one big party.

”The Reethym of Lite campaign connects people to something they hear on the radio, see on the TV, enjoy at a party – and also see as a commercial during their favorite show,” said Swizz Beatz. “For me, the Reethym of Lite is an ‘International Party’ – it connects the sneakers being light, the rhythm of dance, music, art and style and the rhythm of the people, the fact that everyone should have light in their life. Reebok and Swizz are taking Reebok Lite and the Reethym of Lite global.”

Head of Classics for Reebok says, “Over the past year, we’ve really focused our efforts to create great products that sit at the intersection of life, sport and style. In our Classic Lite collection, we’ve updated iconic Reebok styles with materials, colors and styling details that appeal to people who live their lives at the intersection of dance, art, street culture and sport – and it’s these people who we wanted to celebrate in the Reethym of Lite campaign. Swizz understands where we want to take the brand, and with this campaign, we’re on our way to success.”


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