Saturday, 16 December 2017

Lil’ Mama Talks Nicki Minaj & Female MC’s on Power 105

Lil’ Mama was a guest on New York City’s Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy. She spoke on her latest antic in VIBE magazine about Nicki Minaj stealing from her, and still respecting her as an female hip-hop artist.

Angela Yee confronted Lil’ Mama about the situation, suggesting that her statement went crazy all over the internet. Lil’ Mama fired back saying. “It went crazy? Did it go bonkers!” That’s when The Breakfast Club wanted her to spill more beans, but she gave the typical answer, “It is what it is.” DJ Envy and Angela Yee wasn’t accepting that the two radio host wanted Lil’ Mama to elaborate more. “My side is very neutral.” She explains, “I’m like Lil’ Mama and a long time before, you know just like the last time we seen any female MC’s, before Nicki, there was me. And when it came to radio interviews or whatever, people always be like ‘where’s the female MCs, where’s the female MC’s?’, you know what I mean and just at this point where I step back a little from music and still continue with television and my career, people will probably ask her that same question so it’s just a lot of controversy around being a female in hip-hop. And I think that a lot of times  in our community…[we] really focus on celebrating one female MC at a time. And that’s when I think what comes in, the controversy, the ‘who stole what style’. At the end of the day I’m talented and there is only one Lil’ Mama.”

Dj Envy questioned Mama as to what Nicki Minaj has taken from her style and look. She then went into detail, dodging Envy’s question about what she stole from her in particular. “Coming from New York, I grew up in Brooklyn and Harlem. People steal styles all time. People borrow. People are inspired.” Throughout the hoopla, Lil’ Mama says she respect and is genuinely happy for Nicki Minaj.

Although Lil’ Mama isn’t planning on putting out an album any time soon. She says she have been releasing music for the fans by popular demand such as her latest viral song with Snoop Dogg, “N.Y. N.Y., L.A LA.”

Audio: Lil’ Mama Talks Nicki Minaj & Female MC’s on Power 105
Lil’ Mama Talks Nicki Minaj & Female MC’s

Lil’ Mama ft. Snoop Dogg – “N.Y. N.Y., L.A. L.A.”
Lil Mama Ft Snoop Dogg-NY NY LA LA


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