Friday, 15 December 2017

Who Runs The Universe? Beyonce Greets The STS-135 crew of NASA

Beyonce is running the universe, because the world isn’t big enough. The superstar diva greeted the STS-135 Crew of NASA in outer space with her song “Run The World (Girls)“. That’s one impressive way to wake up and start your day off.

This is Beyonce. Sandy, Chris, Douge and Rex, you inspire all of us to dare to live our dreams. To know that we’re smart enough, and strong enough to achieve them. This song is especially for my girl Sandy and all the women who’s taking us to outer space with them. And to the girls who are our future explorers.



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  • sylla abdoulcadry parfait

    beyonce do me remebre at my mama on who run the word or who trun th univers.don’t forget , i will love you forever mama! ya baby abdoulcadry by ad

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