Thursday, 18 January 2018

Did You Know?: Michael Jackson Has a Spot on the Moon Named After Him

O.K. let’s get this straight. Michael Jackson had an interest in music, dancing, being a great humanitarian and… having a spot on the moon? Yes, that’s right! Michael was considering buying a piece of land on the moon once upon a time. Michael never finished the purchase, but in honor of the his legacy, Lunar Republic name the 1,200-acre space “Michael Joseph Jackson”.  How cool is that? We all know the moon-walking man himself would be proud.

The Lunar Republic Society announced that a crater on earth’s Moon will be renamed “Michael Joseph Jackson” in honor of the deceased King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The musician was apparently into buying land on the moon. The crater is situated in the Moon’s Lake of Dreams, a short distance from a 1,200-acre parcel already owned by Jackson, purchased at approximately $27.40 an acre. He purchased his moon estates at a 20% discount. The Lunar Republic stated that he was one of the largest owners of moon property claims.

You can view the “Michael Joseph Jackson” land on the moon by using a standard home telescope.

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