Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Bow Wow Gets Dunked on By Kobe Bryant

Bow Wow took on Kobe Bryant for a one-on-one challenge at Bryant’s Basketball Camp for $1,000. The session was going fine, until Bow Wow got dunked on and lost the G in the bet. Bow Wow then tweeted his discussion with Chris Brown of how he can beat The Black Mamba in one-on-one. “Just talked to @chrisbrown he think he gone beat Kobe 1 on 1 i toldem ‘The Hype Is Real’ Bro dont do it. I got a headache after i played em.” Brown replied, stepping up to the friendly challenge. “bro if u think I won’t score a point going to 11 and I have 10 already you are mistaken! Kobe Bryant is the truth.I aint scared lol”


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