Thursday, 14 December 2017

Lloyd Wants to be King of Sex & Responds to Miguel

Lloyd and GlobalGrind had an exclusive interview and he revealed how much he crave for sex. His album King of Hearts was released in stores last Tuesday and in honor of that he got a new haircut and a tattoo slapped on the back of his shaved head, which in fact raised eye brows up for R&B singer Miguel. On Twitter Miguel pointed out Lloyd’s new cut by shouting him out for imitating his style. Read on to see what Lloyd had to say about that.

What’s the three things Lloyd enjoy doing besides making music and having sex? Well, Having sex, watching sports and getting tattoos. When asked about being King of anything else besides hearts, he dubbed a new nickname for the ladies. Even though a lot of people want and would like to have that title. “I would be a king of… King of… hmmm… I would be a “King of Sex!” He continues Yup, I would want to be King of Sex.”

As the ‘King of Sex’, he then disclosed his fantasy about “getting it in” on an air plane. “My favorite place to get it in? It’s at your mom’s. No I’m just playing. It’s somewhere where I never did it before you know? I always wanted to do it on a airplane.”

His new haircut sparked a flame in R&B singer Miguels head when the photo’s surfaced on his new haircut. Lloyd Summed up on how he felt about the alleged opinion.

“I mean I’m not the originator of a head tat, you know. I’m not the first person to ever get it and I won’t be the last. You know I just do me and I don’t really give a f*ck about what somebody else say or what they do. You do you, I’ma do me you know? And that’s that. More power to him.”

He then ends the conversation with a quote about rumors, that’s similar to what Lil’ Wayne tweeted on Twitter about the same subject. “I just want to say rumors aren’t stupid. It’s the people that believe them.”


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