Thursday, 25 May 2017

J. Cole Explains Why “Who Dat” Didn’t Work & Choosing “Work Out” For First Single

Soul Culture caught up with J. Cole to talk about his new album Cole World: The Sideline Story. He speaks on fan pressure, being decisive about naming his album “Cole World: The Sideline Story”, would he do a pop album and most importantly why he chose a “Work Out” kind of song instead of a record like “Who Dat“.

“Sometimes as a fan, what you expect your favorite artist to do, is not always what’s best for them. If it was up to my fans — I seen comments, like man why didn’t you come out with a real record where you was rapping really hard as your first single. I was like my man. It was called “Who Dat”. I did that last year, it didn’t work [laughs]. Did you hear “Who Dat” on the radio, or in the clubs. Which I love “Who Dat”. I’ll perform that song for the rest of my life but the fact is that can only get you so much. I’ve learn what I’ve learned and what I’ve learned allowed me to make a record like “Work Out” which is radio friendly, which is club friendly, which is summertime friendly. So if you wanna ride around listening to rap sh*t then I have “Return of Simba” for you. I have a lot of things for you. If you want some emotion sh*t then I got that for you. When it comes to this radio world, trust me, it’s a different beast, it’s a different animal.”


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