Monday, 18 December 2017

Keri Hilson Speaks on Confidence, Timbaland Giving Her The No For Boyfriends & More

In Metro, Keri Hilson explains her confident days and non confident days when she feels her worst and not a complete “ten”. She reveals the artist who she wrote songs for but would’ve kept the material for herself and talks about the best and worst advice Timbaland has recommend her.

When asked about what she would rate herself on a scale of 10 (being the highest). The “Pretty Girl Rock” singer spills her confident and not so confident days. “I don’t feel ‘ten’ every single day.” The Avon cosmetic spokeswomen says. “The song’s about how we should be able to feel ‘ten’ all the time. We dress a lot for other people and think: ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t have my best shoes on, I’m not wearing make-up’ – we dress for the world and that’s when we feel at our worst. You can’t please everyone. My ‘ten’ days are when I’m in jeans and flat shoes. I don’t seek validation from others’ opinions.”

Not only is Keri Hilson a solo musical artist but she is also a songwriter. She have wrote songs for artist such as Mary J. Blige, Omarion and more. She speak on the Danity Kane and Britney Spears tracks that she would have kept for herself as an artist. “I wrote a song for Danity Kane which  I definitely would have sung myself. It doesn’t happen often because I don’t give people my own personal sound. There’s a song I did for Britney called Out Of This World which I might have changed around and done myself.”

Timbaland has been a mentor to Hilson’s career since the beginning. He met her as the songwriting “Timbaland” and not the musical artist “Timbaland”. What’s the best and the worst advice he gave the “Turnin’ Me On” singer that may be helpful and tough? “The best and worst came from Timbaland with one line – he said: ‘Don’t have a boyfriend in this industry.’ I guess he meant don’t allow the wrong person into your life but it’s also bad advice because I don’t want to be by myself.” She contiunes, “I need someone to talk to, vent to and understand. I have friends but you also need the love department.”


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