Big Sean Speaks on Drake Taking His Flow

Big Sean went on Big Boy Radio in LA to promote his new album Finally Famous and was asked about Drake. He dubbed Drake as his homie and goes on to tell how he feels about Drake taking his flow.

He gave me a lot of credit. I came up with the rhyme scheme a lot of other people thought he came up with. I call it the ‘Super Duper Flow’. he describes. “He kinda made it popular with that song ‘Forever’. It’s kind of the one word punch line. I did it on my second mixtape I released like in ’09. Where I was ilke ‘I’m super duper trooper/use to the bottom or I just give em line after line after line after line, barcode.’

Big Sean explained how he felt about his flow being taken and accepted it as a compliment of changing the game. “At first I was like ‘man this is crazy now everybody is doing this’. But then I thought about it and said man that’s not the way to be man, you gotta keep it G. G’s don’t get mad.” As he nods his head in approval, Big Sean says “G’s is like, ‘that’s what it is‘. and continues “I’ma keep changing the game. It is what it is.” Big Sean’s Finally Famous the album is in stores now.



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