Thursday, 18 January 2018

Make A Wish Foundation Turns Down 6-Year-Old Boy Nino Okoye Wish To Meet Chris Brown

The Make A Wish Foundation has granted many wishes in the past for children who have life-threatening medical conditions. But this particular wish has been turned down for a 6-year-old boy name Nino Okoye from Nebraska that has been battling Luekemia for three years. The mother of Nino tweeted “Nino had a Make A Wish Today. It didn’t go like he planned. Oh! well guess we will think of another wish.” His wish was to meet R&B singer Chris Brown but due to the wish being denied by the rep teams, it wasn’t possible. Nino’s mother took on Twitter to break the unfortunate news of Nino’s wish and received feedback from Chris Brown’s fans (whos referred to as Team Breezy). That’s when Team Breezy gathered together as a team to try and help make Nino’s wish become public by making a Trending Topic on Twitter. Hash tagging the topic as “BreezyMeetNino”. Responding to their tweets, she later disclosed more information about the Make A Wish Foundation.

“#TEAMBREEZY I don’t want anybody to think that we all wouldn’t like to meet chrisbrown one day. This all started when Nino’s dr’s told him 3 months ago that he would get a wish granted thru MAKE A WISH. Ever since that day Nino has waited for the volunteers to come out and ask him what his wish was. I knew what his wish was he already told me to meet chris brown.

When the volunteers came today and Nino said his wish was to meet chris brown they said they couldn’t grant that wish due to both parties reps. Now if these people would have told me that to begin with I would have prepared him. I am glad Make A Wish has made so many peoples wishes come true. I was just not happy about the things they said to Nino and why he shouldn’t meet chris brown.

I (Nino’s mom) thank everybody for their support and @chrisbrown should know if he doesn’t already #TEAMBREEZY IS # 1 in my book for all your help and understanding. Make A Wish could have just said Chris Brown was unavailable I would have understood that. Nino thanks everybody for helping him with this wish even if Make A Wish couldn’t looks like #TEAMBREEZY CAN. Some people are saying Nino is dying. just to clear thing up Nino has Luekemia he has been fighting it since 08 alot of people beat cancer and we are soooo hopeful about that.”

In the video below. Nino is filmed having a conversation with his mother talking about his favorite singer, Chris Brown. He mentions how Chris Brown can do everything.”I like his music” Nino says. “He plays games, he plays basketball, he does flips, he sings, he dance, he do everything.” Nino even sings a little bit of Brown’s hit song ” Look At Me Now.


*Update*: Chris Brown agreed to meet Nino Okoye himself to make his wish come true. Good job Team Breezy!

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  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Fells

    This a great article , it just said why because i saw Charlie Sheen doing his shit and his ass still when at a school to meet some kids so why to hell would they not let this too cute kid meet Chris Brown …… Lets just say god is fair …… supper happy that we can let your dream come through LOVE NINO………..

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Lisa

    Yess, I’m so proud to be a part of TeamBreezy. We really came through yesterday. We were acting like a real team, better yet, a Family!

    I’m so happy for Nino, his wish is finally granted. Christopher shows how much he cares about TeamBreezy by meeting Nino! I really hope you two will have a blast together =)

    God Bless

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Trac-e

    Awe I hope he Meets Chris. #TEAMBREEZY

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... dineo

    god bles teambrizii indeed … nd nino enjoy wish i were u boy

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