Rihanna Cracks In The Under 30 Best Paid Celebrities List With Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber

Rihanna may be in a the controversial light with her recent fuss over ‘Man Down‘ but here’s something that will make her day brighter. Cracking into the number 10 spot on Forbes under 30 top paid celebs list, joining other stars such as Justin Bieber, LeBron James and Lady Gaga.

With the success of Rihanna’s latest album LOUD and several endorsement deals ranked her in a nice position by making $29 million dollars in a year. The forbes list youngest person on the roster, Justin Bieber pulled in $53 million dollars and he’s just 17!

Must be nice to be a teenager with more money than you can dream of as a youngster. Lady Gaga gross ranked at number 1 with $170 million dollars. And last but not least, the runner up behind Bieber, LeBron James ranked in third place with $48 million dollars.

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